Joining a Group

We’ve designed our system to be as straightforward as possible. If you have any questions or difficulties, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Here is a step-by-step guide to get you on your way.

1. Registration

To register for a class, simply find the class you wish to join on our Classes page. Click the class, and click the pink “Register Now” button. You can add the item to your cart, and checkout by clicking the little cart icon in the top right.

When you check out and click pay, the following page will have information on joining us. There will be both a Meeting ID and a meeting link. Copy and paste these, write them, down, or take a picture. These are how you will get into the group!

When you register for a class, you can join us for any single class in the future. For example, if you register for this coming Tuesday but end up not being able to make it, you can join us the following Tuesday (or any other one). However, if you wish to join us both Tuesdays, you must register twice.

2. Setting Up

To get set up before the meeting, we recommend downloading Zoom ahead of time. You can do so at or by searching for Zoom in the app store of your mobile device. This way, you are all ready to go when the group starts.

If you wish to join us fully, you will need a working camera and microphone. Your camera and microphone on your phone are usually perfect. Most computers (especially laptops) have microphones and cameras built in as well. If you want to shut your camera off at any time, you can do so.

You will also be able to join by audio via your cellphone or landline if you wish. We prefer to have people in the video room so we can all participate, but if you want to join by phone call, just let us know!

3. Using Zoom

Zoom is fairly simple to use. Once you have the program downloaded, you can do one of two things:
1. Copy and paste the link you received from your registration into your browser. This should prompt you to open up the Zoom app.
2. Open Zoom and use the Meeting ID you received with your registration.

Once in the meeting, you will be able to see the teacher and other participants. You will have the option to turn your camera and audio on and off, and the teacher may do so as well. During the meditation period, you will be muted as to avoid distracting noises from group members.

4. Membership

One of the best ways to practice with us and support One Mind Dharma is by joining as a member. By signing up as a member, you will have one page with the links to the meeting every week. You don’t have to go through the process of registering every week, and can just show up. In addition, you can opt in to receive our Daily Guided Meditation Emails, download Meditation Programs, our collection of scripts, and more!

Suggestions and Guidelines

Get the best sound quality by using headphones. The headphones prevent your microphone from picking up the voices of others (as the sound is in your ear), and stop the sound from creating an echo. If you don’t use headphones, try to sit with your device close enough that you don’t need the volume too high.

Keep your connection stable to the group by plugging into ethernet if you’re able. If not, WiFi is the next-best option. Finally, you can connect via your phone’s data, but this is the least stable connection in most cases. If you use WiFi, sit close to your router for best connection.

Arrive a few minutes early to test things out. See how the software works, test your microphone, and get to know it all so you can be present with the practice!

You will be removed from the meeting if the moderator finds you to be causing harm to others. This is the warning, and you will not be given another one. Actions that cause harm include:

  • Use of profanities, especially toward others
  • Calling somebody names, or speaking down to another group member
  • Acts or words which are overtly and knowingly derogatory, discriminatory, or prejudicial
  • Nudity, inappropriate visuals, or sexual advances